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About Me

Professional Summary

I got my start in curriculum design and development 15 years ago, and have enjoyed every stop on my vocational adventure since then. I spent 10 years in the higher education sector, designing, developing, and delivering instructor-led learning experiences. I have since taken that wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the private sector, where I love playing with the latest tech tools, from Articulate Storyline to Camtasia and Vyond (wait, I meant to say "beyond")!


In addition to coordinating a $3 million curriculum development project for the state of Washington, I have designed and developed an entire new hire training program, created customer onboarding videos for a tech startup, and created volunteer training assets for nonprofits.


I'm passionate about making learners' lives easier, including my own! If you're a lifelong learner, or if you employ lifelong learners, contact me and let's talk about how I can make your life easier too.


 Camtasia   Vyond    Articulate Storyline and Rise    Genially    Synthesia 
  PowerPoint    Photoshop    Moodle    HTML5    Audacity    SnagIt 

 Docebo    Videate    Descript 

Work Experience


Instructional Designer, Collibra

I design and develop customer enablement e-learning experiences for Collibra's University.


Training Specialist, Clickvoyant (Freelance)

I design and develop customer onboarding and marketing videos for Clickvoyant, a new data analytics reporting platform. 


Training Coordinator | Operations Lead,

San Francisco State University Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning

I design and develop new hire training experiences to help staff members onboard more easily to the SaaS platforms that the university uses. I also serve on the Safe Zone Ally training committee, where I collaboratively design and develop DEI training materials for the campus community. 


Project Coordinator, WestEd

I coordinated a $3 million curriculum development program for the state of Washington's Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. In this role, I successfully coordinated the workflow of a cross-functional team of proofreaders, graphic designers, content specialists, administrative personnel, and freelancers. In fact, my coordination work was so successful that I was sent to Olympia, Washington to provide client-facing meeting coordination.


Production Editorial Associate, Annual Reviews

I copyedited and proofread complex scientific research, as well as supporting the larger Production Department.


Instructional Consultant, UC Davis

I worked in the Center for Educational Effectiveness on a team of 12 other Consultants. We collaboratively designed, developed, and facilitated a campus-wide TA Orientation for new teaching associates, which reached approximately 450 new hires annually. We also designed, developed, and facilitated a 6-week workshop series--"Powerful Pedagogy"--which resulted in a certificate for all participants who completed the program. Additionally, we provided crucial faculty development services, such as Mid-Quarter Interviews, classroom observations, and learning asset review sessions.


Associate Instructor, Cal State L.A. and UC Davis

I designed, developed, and delivered expository writing curricula to adult learners. This included evaluating their writing products and tracking their progress via a Sakai-based LMS.


IDOL Academy

IDOL stands for "Instructional Design and Online Learning," and is a self-paced professional development program

University of California, Davis

Ph.D., English

California State University, Los Angeles

M.A., English

California State University, Los Angeles

B.A., English

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